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A Lifetime Roof  


One of the most appealing aspects of standing seam metal roofing is that it lasts a lifetime. Metal is the most cost-effective roofing material on the market. Whether your roofing needs are simple or complex Walker & Company Roofing can fabricate and install the roof of your choice from a wide range of styles and colors to satisfy your design needs.


Ageless Grace. . . Metal Roofing

A long time favorite of architects, builders, engineers and designers, standing seam metal roofing is now used on not only commercial buildings, but residential homes as well.


Standing seam metal roofing can be installed on simple or complex roofing systems. It has crisp lines and unbroken panels from ridge to eve to ensure maximum weathertightness.


An alternative to the standing seam metal roof is stone coated steel roofing. Metal roofing shingles are a new and exciting system designed to uphold the conventional shingle look while providing the durability of metal.


Whatever the design, naturally weathered, full-colored, or traditional shingled appearance, Walker & Company can assist you and your design force in determining the right application.



Standing seam metal roofing panels are formed with a rollformer. They can be shop fabricated, but more often it is done right on the job site.


A variety of metals can be used to rollform roofing panels. Copper, aluminum, galvalume steel are the most common. Coated with high quality architectural finishes, these rich and vibrant colors are produced with either Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 resins, which provides superior color retention.



Metal shingles are being installed in over 80 countries. New technology in acrylic priming, the superior corrosion resistance of Zincalume (a zinc/aluminum alloy-coated steel) and interlocking panels provide a weathertight barrier against the elements. These 26-gauge stone coated shingles have a 50 year warranty. They come in many different styles and colors and are lightweight (1.5 lbs per square foot). 



Walker & Company offers state-of-the-art computerized metal fabrication equipment that allows us to design or duplicate any flashing or trim detail. We offer custom, cut-to-length panels with or without poly masking. 

Standing Seam

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